Shutter Glass Dress

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Shutter glass goes opaque when current is applied, and clear when there is none. I grabbed the following gif from Liquid Crystal Technologies.

I had the cost of 100 1″ x 3″ pieces estimated and it was in the $4,000 range. Sigh. Since this material is essentially glass, the material is fairly stiff, even in the flexible form.
You can apply an analog voltage to this, essentially being able to make this glass any color between clear and black. I would like to make a dress out of this type of material.
Just imagine a little black dress that turns transparent!

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  1. Workinonit
    August 9, 2011

    Well do they sell it in 1″x1″ pieces? that could make a kinda cool sequinedish dress… Then you could do some cool patterns, pictures, etc…

    $4000 is pretty stiff though… pun intended.

    As always…


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