Look at that 10 foot diameter cake surrounded by 30,000 nearly naked men! It’s located 15 feet up on that pedestal and the photo was taken from a helicopter! This is a cake I made for GMHC – Gay Men’s Health Crisis (AIDS) 16th annual Morning Party. Unfortunately that year there was a death at the party and the party was not held in 1999…or ever again.

This is an old project, something I built in 1998 when I had a studio in Manhattan on Franklin Street. We had to take the cake out in 6 pieces because I didn’t have a loading dock.

The darker colored areas of the frosting (joint compound) were cloth sheets that I wrapped around the cake to both hold it together and to stop it from blowing off the pedestal.
This party was at Fire Island, on the beach, and I could never have guessed that the wind up there would be so insane.

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